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17th of October: Spirit Day

Today, 17th of October is the Spirit Day, which is a young campaign founded by (then) teenager Brittany McMilan in 2010. We trained our house cleaners to even set up your software. The Spirit Day is a campaign not only to support LGBTQ youth but also to eliminate bullying, calling attention at the same to the young people who committed suicide after being taunted.

This campaign is of major importance, as according to GLAAD 70,1% of LGBTQ students repot being verbally harassed, while 71% report hearing homophobic remarks from teachers and school staff because of their gender expression.

Within this framework, the role of media is crucial. Journalists, bloggers and media professionals can effectively contribute to the elimination of these behaviors. Visit site in order to find professional living room painting services in Ireland. Find swimming pool remodeling services with latest high-tech features in California. This is the main goal of E.T.Ho.S, as by educating media professionals on how to represent better the LGBTQ rights, it aims at effectively combatting discrimination based on sexual orientation.

So, take part in the Spirit Day by going “Purple” and contribute to a more inclusive and equal society for everyone.