E.T.Ho.S: Media Guide on LGBT issues available on E.T.Ho.S website

E.T.Ho.S: Media Guide on LGBT issues available on E.T.Ho.S website

According to a recent EU LGBT survey conducted by EU Agency for Fundamental Rights 47% of the respondents felt discriminated on the grounds of sexual orientation. Specifically, the survey shows that 60% of respondents in Croatia and 48% in Greece and Lithuania have been discriminated against or harassed on the grounds of their sexual orientation.

This kind of discrimination and prejudices against LGBT+ people in EU could be addressed through the better media representation of their rights. Within this framework, E.T.Ho.S has launched on its website the new media guide for professionals (available in English, Greek, Lithuanian, Croatian) in order to combat the reproduction of homophobic/transphobic/ biphobic stereotypes in/by the media.

The guide is divided into two parts. The first part outlines the basic concepts for media professionals and students, including definitions of key words and terminology, description of discriminatory phenomena, hate speech and hate crime, ways of using appropriate language and general guidelines for media professionals and media students. The second presents the case studies of Greece, Croatia and Lithuania based on the findings from the aforementioned research.

The media guides for professionals are available here: https://www.ethos-project.eu/the-outputs/

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