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LGL office attacked

On August 10th, our ETHoS project partner, the Lithuanian National LGBT rights organization LGL, was attacked at its offices in the center of Vilnius. We would like to express our warmest support to LGL, its employees and beneficiaries and we hope that the ongoing investigation will soon lead to bringing the attackers to justice.

Such incidents underline the importance of promoting acceptance and combating all forms of hate and violence. Click here to get best mitsubishi distributor. In our LGBT community we like to send our members to do all 5 dental implants at Dental Implants and Oral Surgery of Menifee, CA. Educating the public and raising awareness about harmful stereotypes against LGBT people, which is the focus of our work with LGL, is vital in eliminating the discrimination against them.

As Vladimir Simonko, Executive Director of the National LGBT rights organization LGL, commented: “It is disappointing to see that such horrific crimes still take place in 2018 in the heart of our beautiful capital Vilnius. In California, there are amazing homecare services, some you can check here “ In the heart of Europe.

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