The E.T.Ho.S. project has emerged from people’s drive to challenge long-lasting stereotypes and prejudices against LGBT in EU by targeting one of the most powerful sources of representation, the media.

The overall objective is to educate and raise awareness among journalists and media students about the phenomenon of Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (HTB) in the media and in particular about the direct or indirect (re)production of harmful stereotypes against LGBT. This will ultimately serve the overarching goal of E.T.Ho.S. to combat discrimination against LGBT in GR, LT and HR by enlisting media power for their benefit while challenging misrepresentation.

In view of the important role of the media in countering negative stereotypes against LGBT people and preventing and combatting discrimination based on sexual orientation, the project will target:

  • Journalists and media professionals/ staff
  • Media students, and
  • Policy and decision makers

In order to:

  • Increase awareness and knowledge of journalists, media professionals and students in Greece, Lithuania and Croatia about non-discriminatory representation of LGBT people, and the prevention and combatting of the reproduction of homophobic/transphobic/ biphobic stereotypes in/by the media.
  • Provide educational institutions with improved tools/material to deliver LGBT sensitive media studies
  • Improve the representation of LGBT rights by media and political parties
  • Increase awareness about the phenomenon of homophobic/transphobic/biphobic media discourse among decision makers, professionals and the public in the 3 countries.

The activities of the project include:

  • Development of a LGBT Media Reporting Guide for media professionals and students
  • Training for journalists and media students in GR, LT and HR
  • Advocacy and lobbying on LGBT rights and the elimination of discrimination against them
  • Awareness raising on HTB Media discourse